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Alkoxy-terminated Polysiloxane

Aug 07, 2019

Alkoxy-terminated polysiloxane, commonly known as capping 107 gel, is widely used in the production of silicone silica gel because it is made of alcohol-based glue, which has no corrosion to the substrate, extensive bonding to materials, and harmlessness to human body. The unique advantages are widely used in construction mirror special glue, industrial glue for waterproofing, bonding, heat conduction, flame retardant, insulation and other fields. Runhe end-capped 107 glue passes through a good catalytic system and process to control the quality of the end-end 107 glue to an excellent level, and the product is completely capped, providing a good solution for the customer's application. We provide end cap 107 glue including various functional end caps, which can realize adjustable curing speed and controllable viscosity. It can provide products from 250CST, 1500CST, 10000CST, 35000CST and 80000CST series, which is convenient for customers' use.

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