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Application of Hydrogen Silicone Oil

Apr 23, 2019

Hydrogen-containing silicone oil has excellent hydrophobicity and is suitable for many occasions such as glass, metal, fiber and powder surface treatment.

This product is made of metal salt catalyst, low temperature cross-linkable film formation, waterproof film formed on the surface of various materials, can be used as waterproof material for fabric, glass, ceramic, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble and other materials. Agents, especially fabrics are waterproof. The methyl hydrogenated silicone oil emulsion is shared with the methylhydroxy silicone oil emulsion, which is waterproof and can maintain the breathability of the fabric and can improve the tear strength, friction strength and antifouling property of the fabric, and improve the hand feeling and the stitching performance of the fabric. In addition, as a release agent and crosslinker for paper

1, Solid silicone rubber - high temperature mixing silicone rubber (HTV) as a bridging agent, anti-yellowing agent, coupling agent.

2. Do the cross-linking agent for the liquid silicone rubber, and form the Si-C bond under the catalysis of pt.

3. Waterproofing agent (water repellent, water repellent) in waterproof clothing and waterproof gypsum board. Under the action of metal salt catalyst, low temperature can be crosslinked to form a film, and a waterproof film is formed on the surface.

4. Surface treatment of MgO (electrical grade MgO), which acts as insulation.

5, Textile, clothing industry as a softener, water repellent, feel modifier, sewing line lubrication, chemical fiber spinneret lubrication and clothing press lining additives.


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