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Application of Silicone Rubber in Medical Field

May 20, 2018

    The reason why rubber products are widely used in the medical field is mainly due to their own nature and structural characteristics. For example, rubber plugs used for sealed packaging of medical pharmaceuticals require certain elasticity, and can maintain the original tightness after acupuncture. And air tightness, and there can be no falling debris. However, the characteristics of rubber itself are difficult to meet the current medical needs, which requires the modification of rubber or add some reagents to change its own shortcomings to meet the medical application.

     Silicone rubber has the advantages of physiological inertness and good biocompatibility, and has been continuously concerned and studied by people in the industry. Silicone rubber is based on a high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane, adding certain specific components, and then processing in accordance with a certain process requirements to produce a rubbery elastomer with a certain strength and elongation. Silicone rubber used as pharmaceutical material has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, softness, permeability, high resistance to aging, transparency, physiological inertia, non-adhesion to human tissues and blood, and good biocompatibility. Non-toxic, odorless, non-carcinogenic and other excellent features.

     As a kind of medical polymer material with excellent performance, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of professionals in both the rubber industry and the medical field. The reason is that, firstly, it is used as a rubber medical material with high technical content, low cost, high added value, and considerable economic benefits. Second, the medical characteristics of silicone rubber are utilized. It can not only solve many problems in medical technology, but also make patients obtain satisfactory therapeutic effects. Third, rubber sources are extensive, easy to produce and fine processing, and have good social and economic benefits.

    From the perspective of the development and research of medical silicon rubber products, the number and amount of products have been increasing year by year, and their use has been continuously expanding. At present, medical silicone rubber products are widely used in brain surgery, ENT, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics and plastic surgery and other fields, such as artificial skull, artificial nose, gastric tube, artificial peritoneum, artificial finger Joints, artificial skin, soft tissue expanders, artificial breasts, etc.

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