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Jun 21, 2016

Textile textile processing chemicals must be in the process. Textile auxiliaries to improve textile product quality and added value plays an important role, it can not only give textiles a variety of special features and styles, such as soft, wrinkle, shrink-proof, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, flame-retardant and so on, can also improve the dyeing and finishing process, plays a role in energy conservation and reduce processing costs. Textile auxiliaries to upgrade textile industry as a whole level and the role of the textile chain is essential.

After more than half a century of development, mature surfactant industry all over the world. Textile production center due to reasons known to all from the traditions of Europe, the United States gradually shifting to Asia, makes the region's fast-growing demand for Textile auxiliaries.

Textile auxiliaries in the world with nearly 100 categories, production of nearly 16,000 species, about 4.1 million tons of annual production. European and American varieties of Textile auxiliaries 48 categories, more than 8,000 varieties; Japan had 5,500 varieties. According to reports, in 2004 the world textile market sales have reached $ 17 billion, far more than the dye market sales in 2004.