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Characteristics of organic silicone softener

Jun 21, 2016

Silicone quaternary ammonium salts can be used for hydrophilic finishing of fabrics, wide range gives the fabric a good absorption of water, sweat-absorbent, softness, smoothness, elasticity,

Antistatic and nonpoisonous, harmless, is an efficient, safe and versatile softener. Silicone quaternary ammonium salts being used anti-bacterial

Soft finish, but can also be used for other materials on the surface. For example, in the non-woven fabric, wood, leather, polyurethane, rubber, synthetic fibers, synthetic

Fiber and various silicate added organosilicon quaternary ammonium salts in surface coatings, greatly increased antimicrobial effect; In leather fatliquoring agent and finishing

Agent added silica chloride, in addition to increasing softness, firmness of conjunctiva, a effect in particular; In ship bottom anti-corrosion protection coating,

Adding a certain amount of Silicon chloride, in addition to corrosion features, can also greatly increase the effectiveness of algae and other anti-fouling, maintain shipping chain, extending the vessel's maintenance cycle