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Foam silicone rubber

Apr 07, 2018

    Foam silicone rubber is liquid before vulcanization, suitable for potting materials. Foam silicone rubber is an ideal lightweight packaging material because of its high thermal stability, good thermal insulation, insulation, moisture resistance, and shock resistance, especially in high-frequency vibration resistance.

     Dow Corning developed a flame-retardant RTV silicone rubber DC3-6548. This foam silicone rubber is mainly used for the fireproof sealing of wire and cable passing locations (for example, holes in roofs, walls, buildings, etc.), and its flame retardant performance is very good. Its limiting oxygen index is 39 (most of the plastic limit oxygen index is only 20 ), the service life of up to 50 years. The flame-retardant room temperature vulcanized silicone foam rubber has been widely used in nuclear power plants, computer centers, offshore oil production equipment and other harsh environmental conditions, or fire protection requirements are particularly high places.


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