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Green Marketing helps textile industry development

Jun 29, 2019

As early as a few years ago, the topic of environmental protection has been widely concerned. In recent years, our domestic attention to environmental protection has been paid more and more attention. This is because environmental problems have brought significant impact on human survival. . Textile auxiliaries in the western developed countries also use their own methods to contribute to the protection of the environment. They have created a new concept of “green marketing”, which protects the environment and reduces the harm caused by production.

    "Green Marketing" presents a big challenge to the printing and dyeing textile auxiliaries industry. In the future, in addition to factors such as the quality, performance, and price of textile auxiliaries, the company also needs to consider the impact on the environment after it becomes a product. It is also necessary to choose the important factors for the production of textile auxiliaries. The ecological properties of dyeing textile auxiliaries can be measured from the following points.

    1. Whether the structure of the textile auxiliaries produced meets the corresponding laws and regulations, this must be strictly observed.

    2. Whether the product will have residual harmful substances after being used, or lower than the relevant indicators.

    3. In the process of using the product, whether some gas that pollutes the ambient atmosphere will be emitted.

    4. After the product is used, whether there is any waste water discharged and whether it is easy to handle.

    5. After the supply of textile auxiliaries, is there a technical level that meets the overall professional and technical standards, and whether there is a strict quality management guarantee system.

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