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High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

Apr 07, 2018

    High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

    High-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is a high-molecular-weight (typically 400-800,000) polyorganosiloxane (ie, raw rubber) with reinforcing fillers and other various additives. The organic peroxide is used as a vulcanizing agent. (Molded, extruded, calendered) or injection molded and cross-linked into rubber at high temperatures. This kind of rubber is generally abbreviated as silicone rubber.

    The reinforcing fillers of silicone rubber are various types of silica, which can increase the strength of the vulcanizate by a factor of ten. The addition of various additives mainly reduces the cost of the rubber, improves the properties of the rubber, and imparts various special properties such as flame retardant and electrical conductivity to the vulcanizate.

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