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How is silicone oil used as a smoothing agent?

Jun 29, 2019

A large amount of silicone oil is used for fiber strands, oil for raw cotton, oil for spinning, and smoothing agent for sewing thread.

The oil for raw silk and raw cotton is a low viscosity silicone oil. The smoothing agent for sewing thread is a medium-high viscosity silicone oil. A spinning oil made of an antistatic agent, an emulsifier and other oil agents, using the thermal stability of the silicone oil and a low viscosity temperature coefficient.

It can be used in the spinning process of nylon and Jucool to prevent the filaments and looseness caused by electrification when the ultrafine filament bundle of the spinning process is ejected from the nozzle and the winding is fast. When melting and anti-filament, the nozzle should also use silicone oil as a mold release treatment to prevent the carbide or molten material from adhering to cause broken yarn.

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