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Hydrogen Silicone Oil

Apr 24, 2019

Product performance

Because the molecule contains active Si-H bonds, it can participate in a variety of chemical reactions and has good film forming properties;

It can react with HO or R-OH in the presence of a substance such as alkali or Lewis acid to release H2;

It is easy to react with an olefinic compound in the presence of a platinum chrome compound; when T>50 ° C, it can react with an epoxy group-containing compound;

Its heat resistance is not as good as that of dimethicone, but its hydrophobicity and anti-stick properties are better than dimethicone;

Under the action of a metal salt catalyst, a hydrophobic film can be formed on the surface of various substances by crosslinking at a low temperature.

The main purpose 

1. Ceramic antifouling, oil proof and waterproof treatment agent

2. Synthesis of various important intermediates for modified silicone oil and silicone rubber

3, natural and synthetic fiber fabrics, silk, leather waterproofing agent and softener

4, paper waterproof, anti-adhesive agent

5, glass fiber waterproof softener

6. Hydrophobic agent and lubricant in cosmetic oily foundation, anti-corrosion and anti-adhesive agent.


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