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Matters needing attention in the production of silicone rubber molds

May 20, 2018

Silicon rubber mold making note:

1, the catalyst, easy to moisture hydrolysis, so the cover should be tight after use.

2, mixed, chemical reaction; immediately began, the viscosity gradually increased, can not be suspended, in order to avoid waste, should be used according to the amount, with the use of distribution, immediately after use should be used, can not be delayed.

3. The mix ratio relates to the speed of the chemical reaction and the performance of the mold. The more the reaction is, the faster the reaction is and the higher the strength and hardness of the product, but the toughness is reduced. Therefore, the weighing requirements are precise.

4, before preparation, the material should be mixed up and down, and then weighed.

5, casting method suitable for relief type, brushing method for the production of three-dimensional mold. Casting embossed molds should first make length and width greater than the length and width of the original carving each 4-6CM border. The frame should be flat and the inside should be smooth. Place the bezel on a clean glass plate when pouring, and place the original in the box leaving a little space on each side.

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