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Methyl Silicone Oil

Apr 28, 2019

Methyl silicone oil is colorless, odorless and non-volatile; insoluble in water, methanol, ethylene glycol, miscible with benzene, dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ketone, carbon tetrachloride or kerosene. It has a small vapor pressure and a high flash. Point and ignition point. Methyl silicone oil has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness and small surface tension. It also has a low viscosity temperature coefficient and high compression resistance.

1. Used as insulation, lubrication, shockproof, dustproof oil, dielectric fluid and heat carrier.

2. It is used as an additive for defoaming, stripping, paint and daily cosmetics.

3, used for the processing of sewing thread, increase lubrication, can continue to line on high-speed sewing machine.

4. It is used for soft finishing of fabrics, increasing the lubricity of fabrics and increasing the smoothness, fullness and elasticity of fabrics.

Methyl silicone oil is widely used in electronic appliances, building materials, motor manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, line making, various polyester and polyester cotton, polyester cotton fabrics to improve the smoothness of the sliding and the medical and health , aviation research and military technology.


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