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one of the best

Jun 21, 2016

In many types of synthetic rubber, silicone is one of the best. It is odorless toxic, are not afraid of the characteristics of heat and cold, around 300 degrees Celsius and lingxiajiushidu, "natural", "without", and still serve their original strength and flexibility. Silicone has good electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen aging resistance, aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability, and so on. Due to these excellent properties makes silicone was very broad and important in modern medicine uses. In recent years, hospitals, research institutes and factories worked together, successfully made a variety of silicone medical products.

Silicone ear plug: comfortable, good noise barrier, protecting the eardrum.

Head of aspirator in silica gel: easy, safe use, depending on the size of fetal head deformation, attracted fetal scalp don't get sucked up, scalp hematomas and intracranial injury can be avoided, and so on, can greatly ease the pain of childbirth childbirth in pregnant women.

Silicone artificial blood vessels: a special physiological function, can do it and "close", the human body does not reject it, after a certain time, and human organizations full stability very good.

Silicone repair of tympanic membrane: thin, soft, smooth finish and toughness are well. Is the ideal material for patching the eardrum, and simple operation, good effect.

In addition there are molds for artificial trachea and artificial lungs, bone, and silicone duodenal tube, benefits are very satisfactory.