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Organic silicon softening agent

Jun 21, 2016

Softener is a kind of organic polysiloxane polymers and polymer mixtures, suitable for natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and soft human hair

Silicone textile finishing auxiliaries for textile finishing has a wide range of applications. The agent can handle not only natural fiber fabrics, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers. Treated fabrics wrinkle, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-pilling, plump, soft, elastic and shiny, smooth, cool, pretty style. Silicone treatment can also increase the fiber strength, and reduce wear. Organic silicon softening agent was a promising softener, also in textile dyeing and printing process to improve product quality, increase the added value of an important Assistant.

Variety of softener, organosilicone additive due to its unique surface properties of soft and excellent performance, people pay more attention to. Sort most of the organic silicon softening agent in our country after the fabric is water repellent, make the wearer feel hot and difficult to wash; often appear many products break bleaching oil. While traditional hydrophilic polyether silicone oil, has good hydrophilicity and water soluble, but is less softness and durability of finishing. Develop excellent softness and durability of a new type of hydrophilic silicone softeners are of great practical significance.