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Overview of Silicone Resin

Oct 30, 2019

Silicone resin


The silicone resin is an organic polysiloxane such as an irregular three-dimensional network mainly composed of trifunctional or tetrafunctional units. Due to the high Si-O bond energy, various organic polysiloxanes are extremely stable. In addition, the organic substituents directly bonded to the silicon atoms also determine some of the important macroscopic properties of the silicone, allowing the silicone to withstand the effects of temperature, weather and UV.

In addition, the silicone resin can also be combined with an organic polymer to optimize and enhance the thermal stability and weather resistance of the organic polymer.

Silicone resins can withstand temperatures up to 359 degrees Celsius and withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees Celsius with the appropriate fillers and pigments. In addition, silicone resins have excellent oxidation resistance, water repellency and vapor permeability, excellent mechanical properties, saving resources and ensuring durability and economy of the final product. Another important property of silicone resins is their desirable dielectric properties.

Silicone resin is mainly used for building protection water repellents, industrial coatings, and silicone exterior wall coatings and plastering adhesives. Runhe is a brand that sells such products. In industrial coatings, silicone resins can be used as binders for high temperature surface coatings and for alkyd, epoxy, polyester and acrylic coatings.

Silicone resins can also be used in many other industrial applications, such as in the plastics industry as release agents, or as binders for organic fillers (pre-ceramics, cement piers for lighting fixtures, resistors and capacitor coatings, etc.). In the production of synthetic materials, silicone resins can be used as binders for fabrics or textiles. In addition, they can also be used as a filler resin to impregnate the motor coil.


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