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Phenol light-modified silicone oil and Phenol light-modified silicone oil

Jun 03, 2018

Phenol light-modified silicone oil

    Polydimethylsiloxanes with phenolic light groups terminated in phenol light groups or in the main chain belong to phenol-modified silicone oils. The phenol group in such a modified silicone oil molecule has high reactivity and heat resistance, and therefore, the emulsion has good stability and wide usability. If the amino-modified silicone oil is blended with the phenol-modified silicone oil, it can be formulated into a synthetic fiber oil agent with excellent heat resistance and mold release property.

Phenol light-modified silicone oil

    Polydimethylsiloxanes containing mercapto groups in side chains or end groups are called mercapto-modified silicone oils, and the mercapto groups in the molecule can interact with the organic silicon containing unsaturated bonds under the action of ultraviolet and photopolymerization initiators. The compound undergoes a radical addition reaction. This type of silicone oil is the main component of UV-curable and electron-beam-cured silicone rubber. It is widely used in anti-sticky release coatings and can also be used as a release agent.

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