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Phenyl Silicone Oil

Jul 25, 2019

    Colorless or light yellow transparent oil. Flash point >300 °C. The solidification point containing 5 mol% phenyl silicone oil is as low as -70 ° C, the surface tension is about 2.1 × 10-4 to 2.85 × 10 -4 N / cm, the relative density is 1.00-1.11, and the refractive index is 1.425 - 1.533. Good thermal stability, gelation time in hot air at 250 °C is 1750h, also has good radiation resistance and high oxidation stability, heat resistance, flame resistance, UV resistance and chemical resistance. It can be obtained by subjecting a hydrolyzate of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, dimethyltetraphenyldisiloxane or methylphenyldiethoxysilane to a telomerization reaction in the presence of a catalyst. Used as a lubricant, heat exchange fluid, insulating oil, carrier for gas liquid chromatography, etc. It is used for insulation, lubrication, damping, shockproof, dustproof and high temperature heat carrier. It is the ideal liquid damping dielectric liquid for electronic instruments.

    Methyl phenyl silicone oil has a higher viscosity temperature coefficient, lower freezing point and flash point than the same viscosity dimethyl silicone oil, and the compression resistance changes more rapidly under pressure. Low phenyl silicone oil has remarkable low temperature resistance and fluidity at -70 °C. As the phenyl mole fraction increases, the silicone oil has improved high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, lubricity, and solubility in an organic solvent; however, the low temperature resistance is lowered. Silicone oil with a high phenyl mole fraction

Oxidation occurs when heated above 250 °C, and the viscosity increases; especially for silicone oil with 50% mole fraction of phenyl, the stabilizer can be used for several hundred hours at 300-350 °C.


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