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Polyether Modified Silicone Defoamer

Mar 25, 2019

    The polyether-modified silicone is a polyether-siloxane copolymer (referred to as a silyl ether copolymer) obtained by introducing a polyether segment into a siloxane molecule. Polyether modified silicone defoamer is a new type of high efficiency defoamer that combines the advantages of both. It is a polyether with strong anti-foaming ability and a hydrophobic and fast-breaking dimethyl silicone oil as the main component, which matches the composition of emulsifier and stabilizer which can combine silicone oil and polyether organic. Foaming agent. It has the characteristics of low surface tension, rapid defoaming, long foam suppression time, low cost, low dosage and wide application. The polyether modification of silicone has the advantages of the second type of defoaming agent, and becomes a defoaming agent with excellent performance and wide application prospect.

    In the molecule of the silicone ether copolymer, the siloxane segment is a lipophilic group and the polyether segment is a hydrophilic group. The polyethylene oxide chain in the polyether segment provides energy saving and foaming, and the polyethylene oxide chain provides energy saving and permeability, and has a strong effect on reducing surface tension. The groups at the polyether chain end also have a large effect on the properties of the silicone ether copolymer. Common terminal groups are hydroxyl groups, alkoxy groups and the like. Adjusting the relative molecular mass of the siloxane segments in the copolymer allows the copolymer to highlight or attenuate the properties of the silicone. Similarly, changing the relative molecular mass of the polyether segment increases or decreases the proportion of silicone in the molecule and also affects the properties of the copolymer. Polyether modified silicone defoamers are easily emulsified in water, also known as "self-emulsifying defoamers." At above its cloud point temperature, it loses its solubility and mechanical stability to water, and is resistant to acids, bases and inorganic salts, and can be used for defoaming under severe conditions.

    In order to improve the lipophilicity of water-based inks, paints, cutting fluids, etc., a part of methyl groups in a copolymer molecule of a polyether-modified silicone is substituted with a long-chain alkyl group, and the defoaming effect can be more effectively exerted. In order to have better defoaming properties below the cloud point temperature, commercial self-emulsifying defoamers are usually equipped with dimethyl silicone oil--white carbon black paste, at the cloud point temperature. The polyether modified silicone surfactant can also act as an emulsifier of dimethyl silicone oil to exert dispersion and emulsification.


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