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Polyether Modified Silicone Oil

Aug 05, 2019

    The polyether modified silicone oil is a unique silicone nonionic surfactant which is obtained by graft copolymerization of polyether and dimethylsiloxane.

1. In the plastic greenhouse industry: it can be added into plastics as an internal additive, which can be used to produce anti-fog and improve light transmittance without dripping film greenhouse.

2, used for fabric finishing agent: soft, especially suitable for underwear, bed sheets, towels, etc., not only soft, but also absorb water and absorb sweat, comfortable to wear.

3. The leveling agent used in paints and polyurethane pastes can reduce the internal friction and stress of the molecules, thereby functioning as a leveling and defoaming.

4, used to make high-efficiency cutting fluid, high-grade cleaning agent.

5. It is used as a foam stabilizer for foaming of rigid foam polyurethane system to make the cells fine and uniform.

6. This product is used in the cosmetics industry to make cream products, which can lubricate the skin, moisturize and anti-wrinkle effect.

7. The pesticide industry is used as a wetting agent for glyphosate to improve the efficacy and reduce pollution.

8. Polyether modified silicone oil is a key component in the preparation of self-emulsifying defoamers and delayed coking defoamers in the refining industry.

9. Other unfinished new application areas.


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