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Reasons why mold silicone does not cure or incompletely cure

May 20, 2018

Reasons why mold silicone does not cure or incompletely cure

Cause 1. Too much curing agent or too little curing agent can cause this phenomenon to occur

Solution: Add according to the prescribed curing agent ratio

Reason 2: Different types of curing agents cannot be mixed (such as adding silicone and condensed silicone)

Solution: Use the appropriate type of curing agent. The operating tools are also classified and do not mix.

Reason 3: Uneven mixing of silica gel and curing agent

Solution: Stir the silicone and curing agent during operation

Cause 4: Incomplete curing (not dried) occurs only on the contact surface of the master mold, and other parts are cured.

Solve: Apply a thin separator on the surface of the master mold to prevent contact with the mold silicone rubber, which is not conducive to silicone curing.

Reason 5: The temperature is too low and can cause uncured

Solve: When the temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius is the most ideal mold silicone curing temperature.

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