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Shuttle modified silicone oil and Alcohol light modified silicone oil

Jun 03, 2018

Shuttle modified silicone oil

Polydimethylsiloxanes containing a shuttle group in the side chain or end groups are referred to as shuttle-modified silicone oils. Such modified silicone oils can be used in fiber treatment agents, automotive polishes, coating additives and the like. The use of a shuttle-modified silicone oil in combination with an amino silicone oil for fiber treatment increases durability and does not easily fall off during washing.

Alcohol light modified silicone oil

Polydimethylsiloxanes in which the alcohol is capped or contains an alcohol group in the main chain are referred to as alcohol light-modified silicone oils. Due to the reactivity of the light base between the end of the molecular chain or the molecular chain, it is cross-linked by thermal energy. Such a silicone oil can be used as a structural control agent in the processing of silicone rubber, and can also be used for paper and other anti-Block treatment. The use of alcohol light-base modified silicone oil to replace a portion of ethylene glycol for copolymerization can improve the properties of polycool fibers, film resilience, softness, tear strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, etc., and can also improve the properties of polyamines. Moldability.

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