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Silicone gel

Apr 07, 2018

     The rubber vulcanized into a soft and transparent silicone gel that can maintain its elasticity in the temperature range of -65 to 200°C for a long period of time. It has excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, and hydrophobicity. , moisture-proof, shock-proof, non-corrosive, and has the advantages of physiological inertness, non-toxic, odorless, easy to inject, deep vulcanization, low linear shrinkage, simple operation, etc. Organic silicone gels are widely used as electronic components in the electronic industry. Moisture-proof, insulating coating and potting materials are used to protect dust, moisture, shock and insulation of electronic components and assemblies.

    If transparent gel potting electronic components are used, it not only can protect against shock and water, but also can see the components and can use the probe to detect the failure of components and replace them. The damaged silicone gel can be re-potted. repair.

    Silicone gels are highly pure, easy to use and have a certain degree of elasticity. Therefore, they are an ideal coating material for transistors and integrated circuits, which can improve the qualification rate and reliability of semiconductor devices. Silicone gels can also be used. Used as an elastic adhesive for optical instruments.

     In medical applications, silicone gels can be used as implants in human organs such as artificial breasts, as well as for repairing damaged organs.

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