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Silicone Resin

Jul 12, 2019

    Silicone resin is mainly used as insulating varnish (including varnish, enamel, color lacquer, impregnating varnish, etc.) to impregnate H-class motor and transformer coil, and used to impregnate glass cloth, glass cloth and asbestos cloth to make motor casing and electrical insulation. Windings, etc. Bonding mica with silicone insulating varnish can produce a large area of mica sheet insulation material, which is used as the main insulation of high voltage motors. In addition, silicone can also be used as a heat-resistant, weather-resistant anti-corrosion coating, metal protective coating, construction waterproof and moisture-proof coating, mold release agent, adhesive and secondary processing into silicone plastic for electronic, electrical and defense industries. As a semiconductor packaging material and electronic, electrical silicone resin can be roughly classified into silicone insulating varnish, silicone coating, silicone plastic and silicone adhesive according to its main use and cross-linking method.

    Silicone processing additives have unique flexibility and compatibility and have become a key component in the production of pulp and household paper. details as follows:

(1) Electrical insulating varnish: The volume, quality and service life of electrical appliances have a great relationship with the performance of electrical insulating materials. Therefore, the industry requires the use of a variety of electrical insulating varnish, including coil impregnating varnish, glass cloth impregnating varnish, mica adhesive insulating varnish and silicon lacquer for electronic and electrical protection.

(2) Coating: Silicone resin has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, water repellency, etc., and can be obtained as a colorless, transparent, good adhesion and abrasion resistance coating anti-adhesive release coating and moisture-proof water coating.

(3) Adhesive: The silicone used as the adhesive has two types of silicone type and silicone type, and the difference in structure and crosslink density. Among them, the resin type bonding agent is also a pure silicone resin type and a modified type resin.

(4) Plastics: mainly used in heat-resistant, insulating, group-proof, arc-resistant silicone plastics, semiconductor component housings, plastics, and foam plastics.

(5) Micropowder and trapezoidal polymer: Compared with inorganic fillers, silicone micropowder has the characteristics of low relative density and heat resistance, weather resistance, lubricity and water repellency. The trapezoidal silicone resin has higher heat resistance, electrical insulation and flame resistance than the silicone resin of the general mesh three-dimensional structure.


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