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Silicone Resin Composite

Nov 12, 2019

A composite material based on a silicone resin, filled with a filler, or reinforced with fibers (or fabrics thereof). The silicone resin is usually formed by hydrolysis and condensation of an organochlorosilane, and has a reactive group on the molecule, and is a thermosetting resin because it is further cured. There are four main forms of composite materials.

(1) A silicone glass varnish is obtained by drying a glass cloth impregnated silicone resin. Mainly used as a bandage insulation or lining thermal insulation material for electrical motors.

(2) A silicone laminated plastic in which a glass cloth impregnated with a silicone resin is laminated and formed into a product by high pressure molding, low pressure molding or vacuum bag molding. It can be used for a long time at 250 °C, and the short-term use temperature can be as high as 300 °C. Mainly used for slot wedge insulation of H-class motors, high-temperature relay housings, radomes for high-speed aircraft, printed circuit boards, etc.

(3) Silicone mica products, according to the type of silicone insulating resin selected and the structure of mica, can obtain a variety of hard or soft products, such as mica foil, mica tape, mica board, etc., mainly for H-class electrical appliances Insulation Materials.

(4) Silicone film pressing plastics, based on silicone resin, adding fillers such as quartz powder and white carbon black, and rolling and pulverizing to form molding materials. It has good fluidity at 150 ° C and can be cured quickly. Asbestos-filled silicone film presses can be operated at 250 ° C for a long time, and the instantaneous operating temperature can reach 650 ° C. It has been widely used in the aerospace, aerospace and electrical and electronic industries.


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