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Silicone Resin Properties

Nov 08, 2019

(1) One of the most outstanding properties of silicone resins is excellent thermal oxidation stability. After heating at 250 ° C for 24 hours, the silicone weight loss is only 2% to 8%, polycarbonate is 55.5%, polystyrene is 65.6%, epoxy resin is 22.7%; heating at 350 ° C for 24 hours After that, the weight loss of the general organic resin is 70% to 99%, and the weight loss of the silicone resin is less than 20% [2].

(2) Another outstanding property of silicone resin is excellent electrical insulation properties, which maintain good insulation properties over a wide temperature and frequency range. Generally, the silicone resin has an electric breakdown strength of 50 kV mm, a volume resistivity of 1013 to 1015 Ψ·cm, a dielectric constant of 3, and a dielectric loss tangent of about 10 to 3.

(3) The silicone resin also has outstanding weather resistance, and is resistant to yellowing even under intense ultraviolet light irradiation, which is unmatched by any organic resin. In addition, silicone resin is also waterproof, anti-salt, anti-mold and other characteristics.


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