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Silicone rubber mainly has the following varieties

Sep 02, 2017

Silicone rubber mainly has the following varieties

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is colorless and transparent, plastic, a molecular weight of 350 thousand to 700 thousand, can be dissolved in solvent such as benzene, product oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, high electrical insulation resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, and air permeability and on human physiological inertness. A large number of wires, cables, insulation, seals, pipes, landing shoes, etc. used in harsh conditions. Because of its no carcinogenicity, it has better anticoagulant and biocompatibility, and has been widely used in the manufacture of catheters, intubation, artificial joints and so on.

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is usually a high purity of eight methyl siloxane ring four and with C6H5, CH = CH2, CH2CH2 CF3 and other groups of four ring siloxane as raw materials by acid base catalysts for the ring opening copolymerization, the removal of catalyst and low volatile to silicone rubber. Rubber processing, adding structure control agent (two phenyl methyl silicone glycol) and reinforcing filler (fumed silica), antioxidant (iron oxide), then mixing in the mixer, by high temperature (about 200 DEG C) after treatment with organic peroxides (2,5 - two - 2,5 - methyl tert butyl. The oxidation of hexane) as the curing agent. The rubber mixture shall be heated and pressed after entering the die. After the mold is finished, some have to be vulcanized later. The rubber compound can be extruded into tubes, strips, and covered wire and cable.

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is characterized by its ability to be made into a different viscosity material. It can be applied at room temperature without curing at high temperature and pressure. When curing, it releases alcohols, acetic acid and other low molecular products. RTV silicone rubber has two components and one component. RTV silicone rubber used for precision casting mould, elastic dental impression materials and spacecraft ablative coating, the hydroxyl end in raw materials of low molecular polysiloxanes to be specially prepared, open loop made usually with polysiloxane ring body with water, the size of the molecular weight by controlling the quantity of water. One component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is used for sealing and protecting electronic devices. The main component, silane or siloxane with active groups such as acetyl group or oxime group, should also be specially prepared.

The addition type silicone rubber is based on vinyl terminated polysiloxane and hydrogen atom polysiloxane as base material, and platinum compound as catalyst, which is cured at room temperature slightly higher than room temperature:

Sheng SiCH silicone rubber CH2HSi Sheng, Sheng SiCH2CH2Si Sheng

If the specially made silicone resin is used as a reinforcing agent, transparent and excellent mechanical properties of vulcanizate can be obtained. The utility model is characterized in that the low molecular product is not released when vulcanizing, and the deep vulcanization can be carried out by pouring. It is mainly used for pouring and coating electronic devices, as an optical fiber coating, and is also an ideal material for soft tissue filling and facial plastic surgery in human body.

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