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Some Knowledge about Silicone Resin

Oct 24, 2019

Silicone type mainly includes methyl phenyl silicone resin, methyl silicone resin, low phenyl methyl silicone resin, silicone resin emulsion, self-drying silicone resin, high temperature silicone resin, epoxy modified silicone resin. , silicone polyester modified resin, self-drying environmentally friendly silicone resin, environmentally friendly silicone resin, non-stick coating silicone resin, high gloss silicone resin, benzyl transparent silicone resin, methyl transparent silicone resin, mica Bonding silicone resin, polymethyl silicone resin, amino silicone resin, fluorosilicone resin, silicone resin solution, silicone-epoxy resin, silicone polyester resin, solvent-resistant silicone resin, silicone resin adhesive, fluorosilicone Resin silicone sealant, high temperature resistant methyl silicone resin, self-drying silicone insulating varnish, methyl MQ silicone resin, vinyl MQ silicone resin, silicone acrylic resin coating.

Usually using various mixtures of methyltrichlorosilane, dimethyldichlorosilane, phenyltrichlorosilane, diphenyldichlorosilane or methylphenyldichlorosilane in the presence of an organic solvent such as toluene. Hydrolysis is carried out at a lower temperature to obtain an acidic hydrolyzate. The initial product of hydrolysis is a mixture of cyclic, linear and crosslinked polymers, usually also containing a significant amount of hydroxyl groups. The hydrolyzate is washed with water to remove the acid, and the neutral condensate is thermally oxidized in the air or further polycondensed in the presence of a catalyst to finally form a highly crosslinked stereo network structure.


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