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Sub-product of Silicone Resin

Oct 31, 2019

Silicone emulsion

Silicone emulsions form a stable three-dimensional silicone network on mineral building materials surfaces and coatings; the latter are weather and water repellent and can be firmly attached to mineral substrates by chemical reactions. This network structure is the basis for the widespread use of silicone emulsions as binders in building protection. As environmentally friendly and user-friendly products become more demanding – for example, low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no harmful air pollutants – the role of water-based heat-resistant coatings is becoming increasingly important. . Compared with traditional solvent-based resins, silicone emulsions can significantly reduce the volatile components contained in heat-resistant coatings.

Silicone solution

Conventional silicone solutions have excellent processability because they dry quickly in air, have strong adhesion, and have good initial hardness. In addition, silicone products with low solvent content can also be used to formulate so-called high solids paints. Silicone solutions are especially suitable for high temperature coatings and weather resistant topcoats.

Silicone copolymer

Organic resins, especially alkyd-based, polyester-based, epoxy-based and propylene-based resins, can be significantly improved in performance after being modified by silicone resins. Coatings produced from silicone polymers can achieve greater stability against high temperatures, weathering and UV radiation depending on the type of organic resin. In addition, such coatings tend to be more economical to the end user due to their long service life.


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