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What are the advantages of water-based silicone resins? I

Jan 07, 2020

Advantages of water-based resin

(1) Environmental protection. Water-based coatings use water instead of organic solvents as diluents, so they do not contain toxic chemicals. (In the past, the dispersion medium was an organic solvent. Organic solvents contain toxic substances. It takes at least several decades to completely evaporate. It has a great impact on the intellectual development of infants and unborn children. Among them, "free TDI" is also carcinogenic danger.)

(2) Reduction of fire risk: Contrary to the flammability of solvent-based products, water-based products are non-flammable and fire-resistant, which effectively reduces the occurrence of fires.

(3) Characteristics of water-based paint after film formation: It has extremely high adhesion to the substrate, and the cured coating film has excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and the coating film has small shrinkage, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and resistance to Excellent corrosion performance and electrical insulation performance.

(4) Super water-absorbent resin (water-retaining agent) series, which can keep moisture.

Waterborne resins and emulsion resins can be classified according to whether an emulsifier is added to the system, or the proportion of emulsifiers, and the hydrophilic groups in the polymer chain. In the literature, it can be judged based on the particle size of the polymer dispersed in water: the particle size of water-dispersible resin ranges from 0.001 to 0.1 μm and the particle size of the resin emulsion ≧ 0.1 μm; The diameter is ≦ 1 μm. The concepts of water-dispersible resin and water-emulsion resin are vague, and the boundaries are not clear.


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