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What are the classification of rubber release agents

Sep 15, 2018

What are the classification of rubber release agents?

Today we will talk about the classification of rubber release agents:

1. Rubber release agent: refers to a kind of substance used to prevent the rubber product from sticking to the surface of the mold and enabling it to smoothly die without tearing. It is sprayed or applied to the surface of the cavity during use to form an effective barrier layer. The main requirements for the release agent are: a certain thermal stability and chemical inertness, does not corrode the surface of the cavity; residual decomposition products under the surface of the cavity; does not affect the color of the product, but can give a good appearance, non-toxic; easy It is easy to prepare and use.

2, fluorine-based release agent: fluorine release agent inherits the characteristics of fluorine-containing materials, can significantly reduce the surface energy of solids, making it difficult to infiltrate and non-adhesive, difficult to dissolve with other substances, a good solution The problem of the bond between the finished product and the mold, when formulated as a release agent, the amount of the fluorine-containing compound is extremely small. It is suitable for thermosetting resin, thermoplastic resin and various rubber parts. The surface of the molded product is smooth and has excellent secondary processing performance, and is especially suitable for demolding of fine electronic parts.

3. Silicon-based release agent: The silicone release agent is prepared by using organosiloxane as raw material, which has the advantages of good heat resistance, moderate surface tension, easy to form a uniform separator, and long mold release life. The disadvantage is that after the demoulding, the surface of the product has a layer of oily surface, and the secondary processing sign must be surface cleaned. Commonly used are silicone oil, silicone rubber, emulsified silicone oil and silicone grease. Silicone release agent is currently the mainstream product in the mid-range market of rubber and plastic release agents, and is widely used in the processing of polyurethane, rubber and other resins.

4, wax (oil) is a release agent wax oil series release agent is characterized by low price, good adhesion performance, the disadvantage is pollution of the mold, its main varieties are:

1 industrial petrolatum, used directly as a release agent; 2 paraffin wax, used directly as a release agent; 3 sulfonated vegetable oil, used directly as a release agent; 4 printing oil (Turkish red oil, Taikoo oil), in 100 parts boiling water Medium to add 0.9~ 2 parts of emulsion made of printing and dyeing oil, which is better than soapy water; 5 polyethylene glycol (relative molecular mass 200~ 1 500), directly used for demoulding of rubber products.

5. Surfactant-based release agent The surfactant release agent is characterized by good isolation performance but contamination of the mold. There are mainly the following categories:

1 soapy water, with soap to form a certain amount of aqueous solution, can be used as a mold lubricant, can also be used as a core remover for the hose;

2 sodium oleate, 22 parts of oleic acid mixed with 100 parts of water, heated to near boiling, then slowly add 3 parts of caustic soda, and stir until saponification, control pH value of 7 ~ 9, according to 1:1 Water dilution, used as vulcanization demoulding of the tire, it is necessary to add 2 parts of glycerin to 200 parts of the above solution;

3 glycerin, can be used directly as a release agent or a tire lubricant.

4 fatty acid aluminum solution, the fat aluminum is dissolved in dichloroethane to form a 1% solution, suitable for polyurethane products, coated once, can be reused many times, the release effect is good;

5 Zinc stearate is a release agent for transparent plastic products.

6. Internal additive release agent

1 Zinc stearate, ammonium stearate, paraffin, etc. are suitable as internal release release agents;

2 directly added to the rubber compound

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