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What are the safety precautions when using silicone resins?

Jan 20, 2020

In the process of using silicone resin, there are some safety precautions that everyone needs to pay attention to, so what are the safety precautions when using silicone resin? Next, follow this article to understand the relevant knowledge, and follow this article to understand.

1. Silicone resin should adopt a large number of repeated guidelines to add defoamer.

2. Silicone resin can also be heated and sterilized into the tank with the original liquid and the fermentation base material, or it can also be prepared to make a water emulsion and indirect steam sterilization, and then "flow" into the tank to defoam. The silicone resin defoaming agent is being used Or you need to stir the VAE emulsion sufficiently before sampling.

3, water-based emulsion can be deliberately concentrated, but the stability of the simultaneous emulsion will also drop sharply, such as seizures and other scenes.

4. When the silicone resin is concentrated, remove the water from the defoamer and stir it quickly.

5, because the emulsion is stable in the original shade, because the concentrated emulsion must be shaved in a short time.

6. Emulsion is slow and susceptible to damage due to ketone freezing and measurement above 40 ° C.

7.Frost prevention.The once frozen silicone resin can defrost in a small core, but it must be tested before further use; short time, intense vibration or severe shearing (such as using a machine pump, homogenizer, etc.) or agitation Destroy the stability of the emulsion.

8. Improve the viscosity of the silicone resin or add thickener to improve the stability of the emulsion.


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