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What is silicone deformer

Apr 09, 2019

Product description

    The silicone defoamer is prepared by using a silicone oil as a basic component and a suitable solvent, emulsifier or inorganic filler through a special process. The silicone defoaming agent is an excellent antifoaming agent, and has strong defoaming power, and is particularly valuable because of its chemical stability, physiological inertness and high and low temperature properties, and thus it is widely used.  


Silicone defoamer is used for:

1. Industrial water treatment industry;

2. Metalworking fluid (cutting solution, etc.);

3. Defoaming of mud in oil exploitation;

4. Metal cleaning;

5. Paper industry;

6. Building materials industry;

7. Waterborne adhesive industry;

8. Textile printing and dyeing industry.


    The defoaming agent has excellent elimination and antifoaming properties, and can be added after the foam is generated or added as a foam inhibiting component. According to different use systems, the defoaming agent can be added in an amount of 10 to 1000 ppm, and the most suitable amount is The customer decides on a case-by-case basis.

    Defoamer products can be used directly or diluted. If it can be fully stirred and dispersed in the foaming system, it can be added directly without dilution. If dilution is required, follow the dilution method of the accessory. It is not advisable to dilute the product directly with water, and it is prone to delamination and demulsification, which affects product quality. The company is not responsible for the consequences of direct dilution with water or other incorrect methods of processing or using the product.

Storage • Packaging

    Packing: This product is packed in 50KG, 120KG and 200KG plastic drums.

    Storage: Silicone defoamer is suitable for storage at 10~30°C. Do not place it near heat source or expose it to sunlight. Do not add acid, alkali, salt or other substances to this product. Seal the container when not in use to avoid harmful bacterial contamination. If it is layered for a long time, stir it evenly, generally it will not affect the use effect. This product will freeze below 0 °C. If it freezes and is used after melting, it will not affect the effect. At this time, it needs to be stirred.

    According to general chemical storage methods. Seal after use to avoid deterioration.

    Under the recommended storage temperature and unopened packaging, the shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.


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