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What Is Silicone Resin?

Jul 02, 2019

    Silicone resin is a highly crosslinked network structure of polyorganosiloxane, usually with methyltrichlorosilane, dimethyldichlorosilane, phenyltrichlorosilane, diphenyldichlorosilane or methylbenzene. Various mixtures of chlorodichlorosilane are hydrolyzed at a lower temperature in the presence of an organic solvent such as toluene to obtain an acidic hydrolyzate. The initial product of hydrolysis is a mixture of cyclic, linear and crosslinked polymers, usually also containing a significant amount of hydroxyl groups. The hydrolyzate is washed with water to remove the acid, and the neutral condensate is thermally oxidized in the air or further polycondensed in the presence of a catalyst to finally form a highly crosslinked stereo network structure.

    Silicone resin and modified silicone resin products are widely used in national defense industry and electrical industry for their excellent thermal oxidation stability, electrical insulation properties, weather resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, mold resistance and biocompatibility. The leather industry, light industrial products, rubber and plastics, food hygiene and other industries play an irreplaceable role. Since the development of China's organic silicon industry in the early 1950s, great progress has been made in material properties, mechanisms and applications. Compared with advanced countries, China's technological gap is relatively small, but the gap in application is relatively large. As the demand for high temperature resistant materials continues to increase, silicone polymers, as a prominent material, can be modified and matched with organic resins and inorganic materials to achieve structural and functional integration, and application prospects in high-tech industries and cutting-edge fields. 


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