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What is the application of organosilicon in agriculture

Mar 31, 2018

What is the application of organosilicon in agriculture

The use of organosilicon surfactant as a pesticide promoter began in the twentieth Century arsenic age, and its application in the national economy has been paid attention by people, but it did not start commercially in agriculture until 1980s. In order to eliminate 2, 4, and 5- of toxic and environmental pollution, in 1980, New Zealand Forestry Research Institute began to study herbicide additives. In 1985, Monsanto New Zealand pioneered the world's first silicone surfactant L-77 (also known as S]iwet M) to push the market, and the trade name is Pulse. A wide range of biochemical and physiological tests and subsequent field experiments proved that L-77 is the best adjuvant to control herbicide glyphosate. So far, review characteristics of the silicone surface Tian agent and its application in pesticide are discussed in the deep person

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