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What is the density of the silicone resin?

Dec 16, 2019

There are more and more places where silicone resins need to be applied, but many people still don't understand. What is the density of silicone resins? Next, I will introduce you to this knowledge, and follow this article to find out.

In polysiloxane molecules, the ratio of the organic substituent (R) to the silicon atom (Si) is an important parameter that determines the product form. When R / Si <2, the product is a silicone resin; when R / Si≈2, it is a raw rubber with a high viscosity plastic state, that is, silicone rubber;

When R / Si> 2, it is a low-molecular-weight oil, called silicone oil. Silicone resin has excellent high temperature resistance and outstanding dielectric properties. It has excellent corona resistance, arc resistance, and low dielectric loss tangent values, which are beyond those of other synthetic resins.

Refers to compounds that contain Si-C bonds and at least one organic group is directly connected to the silicon atom. It is also customary to treat compounds that connect organic groups with silicon atoms through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. Silicon compound. Among them, polysiloxanes with a silicon-oxygen bond (-Si-0-Si-) as the skeleton are among the most organosilicon compounds, the most researched and widely used, accounting for more than 90% of the total amount .

Curing is usually achieved by silanol condensation to form siloxane links. When the condensation reaction is in progress, the silanol concentration gradually decreases, increasing steric hindrance, and poor fluidity, resulting in a decrease in the reaction rate. Therefore, make the resin

Fully cured, it must be heated and catalyst added to accelerate the reaction. Many substances can catalyze the silanol condensation reaction. They include acids and bases, soluble organic salts of lead, cobalt, tin, iron and other metals.

Compounds such as dibutyltin dilaurate or N, N, N ', N'-tetramethylguanidine salt and the like.

The performance of the silicone finished product depends on the number of organic groups (ie, the ratio of R to Si). Generally useful silicone resin, its molecular composition is R.


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