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What is the difference between silicone rubber and silicone?

Oct 28, 2019

The difference: Silicone rubber is a linear structure of molecular reinforcement after vulcanization cross-linking to form a body structure, when containing a trace of terminal hydroxyl groups, the anti-aging performance is not good enough, white carbon black reinforced light transmission is poor, silicone resin reinforced light transmission Better; mechanical properties are generally better than silicone resin; large elasticity, soft, good heat and weather resistance, small internal stress, the disadvantage is that the molecular chain gap is large, breathable, oxygen permeability, moisture permeability. Bond strength is generally resistant to temperatures ranging from -50 to 200.

Silicone is a three-dimensional structure in which molecules are crosslinked into a larger three-dimensional structure. When a trace amount of terminal hydroxyl groups is contained, the anti-aging is much better than that of silicone rubber. It has high hardness, good light transmission, breathable and moisture permeable, and low oxygen permeability. The mechanical properties are generally worse than silicone rubber. Silicone resin has outstanding weather resistance and is unmatched by any organic resin. Even under strong ultraviolet light, silicone resin is resistant to yellowing.


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