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What is the use of silicone resin?

Nov 01, 2019

What is the use of silicone resin?

What is the use of siliconeresin? It is a question that many friends often ask. As a new type of material, silicone resin has been widely promoted and used in the market. Below, Jiangxi Xinjiayu Xiaobian and everyone briefly introduce the product characteristics and uses of silicone resin.

Silicone resin is a thermosetting polysiloxane system with a highly crosslinked structure. It is mostly made of organochlorosilane or corresponding organoalkoxysilane. It is hydrolyzed and thickened by rehydration to form a stable active silicon oxide at room temperature. Alkane prepolymer. When used, it is directly heated or catalyzed by condensation to form a solid or less flexible solid silicone resin. According to the structure, it can be roughly classified into methyl silicone resin, phenyl silicone resin, methyl phenyl silicone resin, methyl vinyl silicone resin, and the like. The side group of the silicone resin is mainly a methyl group, and can be cured by various methods such as condensation, platinum catalytic addition, and peroxide crosslinking.

(a) silicone prepolymer

Methyl silicone resin

It is the lowest carbon content silicone resin. It has the advantages of hard and transparent after curing, less weight loss at high temperature and less smoke. Mostly, methylchlorosilane is used as a raw material, and hydrolysis and condensation are carried out under a solvent and a low temperature condition. When methyl alkoxysilane is used as a raw material, a trace amount of an acid or a base is often added as a hydrolysis catalyst. Mainly used as hardening coating, high temperature mica adhesive and electrical resistance coating.

2. Methyl phenyl silicone resin

Due to the introduction of phenyl group, it is superior to methyl silicone resin in thermoelasticity, adhesiveness and compatibility with organic substances and inorganic fillers, but also has disadvantages such as high curing temperature, high temperature and easy adhesion. It is prepared by mixing methylchlorosilane and phenylchlorosilane as raw materials and hydrolyzing in toluene or xylene. It is widely used as high temperature resistant electrical insulating varnish, high temperature resistant coating and high temperature resistant adhesive. It is the most widely used and widely used type of silicone resin.

3.MQ silicone resin

The structure consisting of a monofunctional chain link (M) and a tetrafunctional chain link (Q) is a special silicone resin. The preparation methods mainly include a sodium silicate method and a silicate method. The former is simple in process and easy to obtain raw materials; the latter M/Q is easy to control and the molar mass distribution is narrow. MQ silicone resin is mainly used as a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive filler, a tackifier and a reinforcing filler for liquid silicone rubber.

(2) Silicone coating

1. High temperature resistant coating

Silicone resin is an excellent high temperature resistant coating formulated from methyl phenyl silicone prepolymer and heat resistant filler. For example, the silicone coating prepared by using active diatomaceous earth as a filler can withstand the high temperature of 700~950 °C; after adding mica powder, SiO2 powder, aluminum powder and talcum powder to the silicone resin, molecular rearrangement occurs at high temperature to obtain organic -Inorganic hybrid materials can improve the heat resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the materials. It is mainly used for the decoration and protection of chimneys, high temperature pipes, high temperature furnaces, petroleum cracking devices and high temperature reaction equipment in aerospace, thermal and steel plants.

2. Hardened coating

The methyl silicone resin obtained by hydrolysis of methyl alkoxysilane as a raw material is prepared by adding a hardening component and a tackifier, and has good transparency and high hardness, and can be used as a polycarbonate or a plexiglass. Hardening, abrasion and anti-corrosion coatings for plastic products.

3. Water-repellent paint

Pure methyl silicone resin or long-chain alkyl silicone resin coating has very low surface tension, excellent water resistance, and its excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, elasticity and weather resistance are widely used in buildings. Waterproof, moisture-proof coating


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