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What's the use of silicone oil for shampoo?

Nov 24, 2017

What's the use of silicone oil for shampoo?

1. more smooth shampoo feeling, more suitable for hair care effect

Traditional shampoo using silicone oil plus cationic polymer as conditioning ingredients, when we wash hair, there is a part of silicone oil is deposited on the hair to play a role, at the same time, because the shampoo itself has a clean role, but also will wash off part of silicone oil. But the process of depositing and washing off silicone oil is not always the same amount every time it is used. Specifically, silicone oil will be deposited more and more in the hair as the number of times increases. This problem occurs regardless of the silicone oil deposition technique used in silicone oil shampoo. It is not until the hair has been washed for 5~9 times that a dynamic equilibrium process is reached. In other words, after using 5~9 times, the highest amount of silicone oil deposition, your hair will feel more greasy than the beginning of use, hair down, no sense of volume, but also more and more easy to stick ash, in short, your feeling is that the effect becomes worse! (of course, if you're one of those severely damaged hair, this can happen a little bit less)

At this point, no silicone shampoo can work, and no silicone shampoo can wash these silicone oil and cationic hair on the hair clean, so that your hair is in a zero silicone oil or less silicone oil deposition state. After one or two times no silicone shampoo thoroughly clean your hair, you again use silicone oil shampoo, you will be surprised to find, why do you think the general like this shampoo, how can slip a mess, the effect is incredible? In simple terms, that's because in silicone oil free hair, silicone oil shampoo can deposit more at once! My personal experience is that the use of non silicone shampoo thoroughly clean after use, like a changed Chhnang shampoo shampoo become very slippery! I'm sure you'll like this new feeling of being reborn

2. more thorough hair and scalp cleaning, refreshing the whole scalp and hair

On the other hand, a lot of shampoo silicone oil deposition technology is not reasonable, including the products of those large companies. The hair damaged parts need more deposition of silicone oil, such as hair hair severely damaged, silicone oil. But her hair healthy, in fact than the hair damaged parts more easily deposited silicone oil of some species, such as the root parts more easily than the deposition of poly two methyl siloxane hair parts. So many times after using shampoo deposited a lot of silicone oil, especially in the hairy roots deposition too much, resulting in greasy hair roots, while shampoo silicone oil will inevitably deposited on the scalp (I did not say silicone oil on the scalp can do what good). At this time, a silicone free shampoo, the root hair, scalp silicone oil away, and a refreshing scalp and hair. It is a pleasure.

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