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What to pay attention to to improve the adhesion of silicone resin?

Jan 16, 2020

There are many ways to improve the adhesion of silicone resin. In the process of improvement, there are still many things to pay attention to. So what should be paid attention to to improve the adhesion of silicone resin? Next, silicone resins will introduce you to this knowledge, let's take a look.

Several issues need to be paid attention to to improve the adhesion of silicone resin:

1. The composition and interface properties of the bonded material, such as bonded polyolefin materials, fluorine-containing materials, inorganic materials, metal materials, etc. Due to the differences in chemical composition and interface structure, the bonding strength will Large differences, some materials are easy to adhere, and some materials are difficult to adhere. Sometimes it is even necessary to introduce special functional groups in the structure of the adhesive to improve the bonding performance of the interface;

2. The influence of the structure of silicone resins, silicone resins include: methyl silicone resin, methyl phenyl silicone resin, and even propyl silicone resin, etc., the organic groups in different silicone resins have a certain bonding performance to the material The difference in content, the content of different organic groups, the structure of the silicone resin, etc. will also affect the bonding performance of the material;

3. The problem of processing the interface of the bonded material. In many cases, the surface of the material needs some special treatment, such as oxidation treatment to improve surface activity, plasma treatment, silane coupling agent treatment, etc., or even surface modification of the material. Wait;

4. Adjustment of the composition of the binder material formula, such as the cross-linking reaction group ratio, the catalyst, etc. need to be examined to obtain a reasonable binder formula;

5. In addition, it may be necessary to add certain tackifiers, reinforcing materials, etc. in many bonding materials, and it is necessary to pay attention when making adhesives;

6. The curing conditions of the bonding material, which is also a very important factor affecting the bonding strength, should be carefully examined, including curing temperature, time, pressure, etc., to find the optimal process conditions, otherwise the bonding strength of the material will be severely reduced. .


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