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Why isn't silicone oil so hot now?

Nov 24, 2017

Why isn't silicone oil so hot now?

Silicone free shampoo, in fact in western developed countries have emerged, it is to cater to the Westerners hair: Westerners hair fine, without the use of high performance silicone conditioning shampoo, or deposited in their hair on it, can cause the hair to collapse, hair without hair.

But in the Far East (I'm talking about China, Japan and South Korea), our hair is different from the westerners, our hair is generally more robust, and more demanding is a high profile rational shampoo, so the two in one silicone containing shampoo has long dominated the whole world.

However, silicone oil has a bad reputation, consumers think it will clog pores, hair loss, and even carcinogenic and so on. In this developed cosmetic market in Japan, a small company has launched a silicone free shampoo brand called Reveur. It talks about all sorts of bad and bad things about silicone oil, and promotes all kinds of benefits of silicone oil free shampoo. Unexpectedly, Reveur no silicone shampoo in Japan is very hot, very popular with consumers, the brand will soon become bigger, which makes the traditional big shampoo companies surprise, so big companies have launched their own silicone free shampoo in japan. For example, KOSE launched Ja I 'Aime silicone shampoo without silicone oil. In short, no silicone shampoo has accounted for a considerable market share in the Japanese shampoo market.

Think back, do you feel the use of some shampoo, feeling more and more difficult to use, specifically reflected in a few times after washing, the hair feels very oily, sticky together. Well, if you have a situation and you can't solve the problem with a variety of brands of shampoo, you can really think about a silicone free shampoo.

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