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Why the food processing industry prefers silicone defoamers

Apr 04, 2019

Food quality is closely related to people's health, so food processing companies attach great importance to food safety issues and are very cautious in the use of defoamers. At present, the food processing industry prefers silicone defoamers. Why? Let's take a look at two major reasons why most food processing industries prefer to use silicone defoamers:

Anti-foaming lasting, improve production efficiency

Compared with some of the original defoamer products, silicone defoamers have made great progress in defoaming durability. The relevant company has done an experiment, in the case of room temperature, the silicone defoamer is 3 to 4 times of the defoaming time. At high temperatures, the working time of the silicone defoamer is 6 to 7 times that of the conventional defoamer.

This is a very amazing number. This set of numbers shows that the use of silicone defoamers is generally better than ordinary defoamers. The accounts in this account must be counted by all the companies, and the same price is so different in production and use time. In this way, if silicone defoamer is used in production, the money saved will be self-evident.


Non-toxic and harmless, safe to eat

As a chemical material, it is difficult to say that there is no toxic or harmful substance in the ordinary defoamer. First of all, this is a safety hazard. After all, in the food processing enterprise, the processed products are eaten. The silicone defoamer is non-toxic and harmless in production. Of course, there is no direct effect, and there is a direct effect to ensure the health of the consumer. That is, the extraction after use is simple and easy to operate, and the extracted residual amount can be controlled below 0.1%. Such residual extraction should be able to largely dispel the fear of defoamers.

In fact, in the production enterprises of the food industry, the main purpose of the use of defoamers is to facilitate production. With the processing of defoamers, the production efficiency has been significantly improved, because the reason for omitting a lot of wasted time is a big deal for industrial production, because defoamers have changed the traditional production and processing. mode. At the same time, the improvement of efficiency has directly promoted the development of the industry and brought more economic benefits.


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