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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silicone Oil

May 13, 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone oil


(1) viscosity temperature property is the best in liquid lubricant, and viscosity changes little in wide temperature range. It is generally less than the freezing point of 50 DEG C, some as high as 70 degrees, long-term storage at low temperature, the oil viscosity, no change in appearance, it is the base oil of high and low temperature, wide temperature range of both. (2) excellent thermal oxidation stability, such as thermal decomposition temperature >300 degrees, evaporation loss is small (150 degrees, 30 days, evaporation loss is only 2%), oxidation test (200 DEG C, 72h), viscosity and acid value change little.

(3) good electrical insulation and volume resistance do not change at normal temperature to 130 C (but no water content in oil).

(4) it is a non-toxic, low foaming, anti foaming strong oil, can be used as defoaming agents.

(5) good shearing stability, absorbing vibration and preventing vibration propagation, can be used as damping fluid.


(1) the lubricity of silicone oil is poor, especially for the friction pairs of steel and steel.

(2) the coefficient of thermal expansion of silicone oil is large (it may cause overpressure problems).

(3) gas solubility is great (it is difficult to design gas sealing device).

(4) a moistureabsorption (after the water content is higher than 100 * 10-6 electrical performance dramatically).

(5) surface tension is small (easy to leak from machine).

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