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Application Of Silicone Rubber In Electronic And Electrical Industry

Oct 24, 2017

Silicone rubber in addition to a large number of insulation for the wire and cable, the electrical and electronic industry is also widely used as a connector, electrical seals, shock absorbers, motor stator coil insulation tape, high temperature potentiometer seals and motor high pressure line thrust ring The The use of self-adhesive vulcanized silicone rubber triangle for the motor electrical coil wrapped insulation material, can be made with heat, moisture, vibration and other characteristics of the motor, and widely used in navigation, mining and metallurgical and other departments.

Compared with the ceramic insulators, the insulators made of silicone rubber and polyester fiber reinforced silicone rubber have the characteristics of light weight, good efficiency and good anti-arcing, anti-salt spray and dust pollution. General potentiometer and high temperature potentiometer using a large number of silicone rubber insulation bushings and seals to ensure the good performance of the potentiometer. Low-distance long-distance communication devices, soft conductive tubes, high-power SCR, boiler hot air heat exchanger seal, microwave pipe flange seal, are a lot of use of silicone rubber. Heat shrinkable silicone rubber tube in addition to all the silicone rubber resistance to high, low temperature, anti-aging and excellent electrical insulation, but also has a heat shrinkable, can be used for a variety of electrical equipment, connection, protection and insulation.

When used in the product will be covered in the coating, and then use a simple way to heat the product, you can shrink, and fastened to the surface of the coated body, if used for AC motor rotor copper insulation, AC motor coil small Lead wire and the connection between the line insulation, with a quick operation and the construction of convenient features. Conductive silicone rubber can be used as a variety of electrical and electronic equipment, conductive connections, it can be close contact with the contact surface. The use of conductive silicone rubber and key press made of a variety of electronic computers, televisions, fax machines, motor and electronic game remote control, has been widely used. It has the advantages of no vibration, reliable input signal reception, thin product weight and so on. The use of conductive silicone rubber made of various sealing ring pad used in microwave tube flange sealing box shielding, not only to meet the pressure seal, but also to prevent leakage of microwave transmission.

The use of silicone rubber to do electronic watches and electronic clocks in the liquid crystal display chip in the conductive connection, stable performance, display the number of accurate, processing applications are more convenient. Silicone rubber can also be used in microwave oven, fax machines and leadless integrated circuits and so on. TV high-pressure cap quality, a direct impact on the TV's life. The use of silicone rubber made of high pressure cap, not only high, low temperature and electrical insulation performance is stable, but also resistant to ozone, to ensure the continuous operation of the TV security and reliability.