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Job Wanted In Brazil

Aug 26, 2019

Job Wanted in Brazil Open positions: Textile Auxiliaries Sales Representatives Responsibilities: 1. Familiar with the Brazilian textile auxiliaries market, responsible for the sales management of company's products in Brazil. 2. Build customer relationship and support business operation, responsible for customer quotations, samples, orders, collections, after-sales service, etc. 3. The expansion and optimization of market and customer. 4. The information of peers including competing goods gathering and analysis, make feedback to Chinese company twice a week, follow and support the company’s arrangement. 5. Self-improvement for product knowledge and expertise. Qualities: 1) No gender limitation, 30-50 years old, be healthy and hard-working . Sales experience in textile dyeing industry including chemicals, an good advantage of sales experience in a large multinational company. 2) Good at English, Portuguese, passion in sales work. Good communication skills and be honest in service. Have team spirits. 3) Insight for market and comprehensive analysis ability. Creative ideas in work and solve problems independently.   Apply now for our open positions below by sending your CV to

International Sales Manager:Rick Zhou Tel:+86 18167237201