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Production Method Of Organic Silicon Defoamer

Jun 21, 2016

Industrial production of organic silicon defoamer, defoaming agent, an organic chemical manufacturing sector. Selected for their specific structure of siloxane silicone oil. With a variety of drug-free edible AIDS, compounded by 1:10-2:5 weight ratio mix, available high performance powder Defoamers. The process is simple, easy to get raw materials and products to facilitate the transportation, storage, and applicable to a variety of system, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food industry, compared with the existing polyether type defoamer, cost savings of about one-third.

Defoaming agent developed an environmentally-friendly product that is both polyether, advantages of silicone defoaming agent, defoaming, suppressing for different media, its defoaming effect is 2~3 times stronger than conventional defoaming agent, and has low toxicity, high surface activity, PH wide spread, low surface tension, speed and so on. The product can be dissolved in water in any proportion, and able to withstand high temperature sterilization, used widely in the production of antibiotics, vitamins and food fermentation processing, paper making, chemicals, paints, building materials, detergents and defoaming process in the field.