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Research On Synthesis And Performance Of Organic Silicon Functional Materials Based On Mercapto-Ene Click Chemistry

Aug 29, 2020

Research on Synthesis and Performance of Organic Silicon Functional Materials Based on Mercapto-Ene Click Chemistry

As a new type of functional material, organosilicon materials have excellent properties such as high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and physiological inertia, so they have the incomparable advantages of other materials and are widely used in aerospace, biomedicine , Construction, environment, energy, electronics industry and other fields. In the synthesis and preparation of organosilicon functional materials, the silicon-hydrogen addition reaction based on silicon-hydrogen bonds and unsaturated double bonds is one of the most commonly used typical reactions. 

This reaction has It has the advantages of wide applicability, few side reactions and rich products, but there are disadvantages such as the need for precious metal catalysts, the relatively long reaction time, and the need for anhydrous and oxygen-free environment for the reaction. Therefore, the introduction of organic silicon functional materials into the preparation of the reaction speed is fast, New methods and new processes with high selectivity and mild reaction conditions will be of great significance to the development and application of organosilicon functional materials. This article uses metal-free catalysis, simple operation, mild reaction conditions, high flux, and modular sulfhydryl- A series of amphiphilic polymers based on organosiloxanes were synthesized and prepared by ene click chemistry method, and the self-assembly properties of their aqueous solutions were studied. 

The main work includes the following aspects: 1. Through the polymerization of two series of typical silicones Materials: Literature research on the preparation, modification methods and application properties of polysiloxanes and polysilsesquioxanes, combined with the excellent characteristics of click chemistry reactions and their research results and development trends in the preparation and application of silicone materials, The main research content of this article is proposed: the synthesis and performance research of organosilicon materials based on mercapto-ene click chemistry. 2. Using the excellent characteristics of the mercapto-ene click chemistry method that is simple, efficient and selective, a series of polymers have been designed and prepared. Oxyethylene graft and block polysiloxane amphiphilic copolymer: PEG-b-PDMS-b-PEG, PDMS-g-PEG(20), PDMS-g-PEG(100).