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Research Progress Of Surfactants In The Plastics Industry

Jun 21, 2016

HC plastic mesh News: surfactants are hydrophilic and the special molecular structure of the oil group, which has a range of applications, and are widely used as additives in the plastics industry in various areas.

Surfactants in the application of antistatic agent of plastics plastic is a polymer material with good electrical insulating properties, but when used as insulating materials plastic, easily on its surface friction to generate static electricity can lead to fire, explosion, electric shock, etc. By adding a surfactant in plastic as an antistatic agent can effectively eliminate static electricity.

Antistatic agent used can be divided into external coating and internal mixing in two ways. Its mechanism of action has two main aspects: one is the combination of lipophilic surfactants and resins, hydrophilic surface forming a conductive plastic layer or combine with moisture in the air by hydrogen bonds, which reduce the surface resistance to accelerate leakage of electrostatic charge; the second is to give the plastic surfaces must lubricated, lower coefficient of friction, thus inhibiting and reduce the generation of charge. Common plastic antistatic agents are nonionic, cationic, anionic and mixed type.