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New Method Come Out For The Synthesis Of 95% Conent Block Silicone Oil.

Jun 14, 2018

New method come out for the synthesis of 95% conent block silicone oil

Why do we research: The current block silicon oil in the market is generally 50%-60% content, synthesized by solvent method(isopropanol or monobutyl ether as solvent). The application of the block silicon oil is limited due to the transport risk of solvent and the effect of solvent on the color light of the soft finishing fabric.


At present, the price of the solvent is rising, which increases the cost of the block silicone oil, and the solvent is ineffective for soft and smooth finishing (instead of having a negative impact on the functional performance). At the same time, the COD emission of the printing and dyeing enterprises (the negative impact on the environment) is also greatly increased under the same effective content of block silicone oil, Solvents are ineffective and harmful to use and environmental protection.


Isopropanol and other solvents are hazardous cargo, hazardous cargo transportation and enterprise's storage requirements are quite high, and the 40-50% content of isopropanol in the block silicon oil limits its export greatly. The study of "low solvent and solvent free synthesis of block silicone oil" is a task of top priority.


It is understood that auxiliaries and scientific research institutes have been constantly studying the method of "low solvent and solvent free synthesis of block silicone oil", but as the technical problems such as molecular structure design, product stability and hand feeling style requirements etc. more than 90% content the block silicone oil that meets market demand can not be synthesized in the strict sense.


The vice president company of Zhejiang textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries Association "Zhejiang Runhe organicsilicone New Material Co., Ltd." (Silicone Research Center) has successfully developed new method for the synthesis of 95% block silicone oil after many years of effort.


The method was synthesized by four step method. The first three steps were made to synthesize Multicomponent Copolymerization Epoxy Silicone Oil, and fourth step the Multicomponent Copolymerization Epoxy Silicone Oil reacted with polyamine to synthesize block silicon oil with different molecular weight and different hand feeling.

The key technology is to design reasonable molecular structure to ensure that it can have homogeneous reactions when react with organic amine under the conditions of solvent free or less solvent. Then according to the molecular structure of the design, use special synthetic technique to synthesize the intermediate (Multicomponent Copolymerization Epoxy Silicone Oil) in three steps.  Which can guarantee the high conversion rate and product stability to avoid the difference between batches in fourth step when synthesize the block silicone oil.

The specially designed Multicomponent Copolymerization Epoxy Silicone Oil has epoxy groups at both ends, with polyoxyethylene ether (hydrophilic polyether chain segment), silicone, polyester and amides groups on the main chain. It is linear multiple copolymerization silicone intermediate. it can react with amines products as it contains epoxy group.

At present, blocks silicone oil produced by this new technology has lunched in the market sold to Southeast Asia and Mexico, the United States, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries, and are recognized and favored by customers.


1.Multicomponent copolymerization epoxy silicone oil gathers silicone,polyther,polyester,acylamino etc several groups. The users only add the organic amine then can get the new structure block silicone oil.The product has very good stability. It solves the technical bottleneck of poor stability in the market through special molecular structure design.

2.Multicomponent copolymerization epoxy silicone oil introduce the hydrophilic polyether chain,the users don’t need to use ED series of polyetheramine in the subsequent block copolymerization,that effectively reduce the cost of block silicone oil.

3.It can greatly reduce the dosage of the solvent in the process of polymerization with organic amine.The solvent dosage is only 5%-20% of the expoxy terminated polyther silicone oil quantity.The reaction product is tan even transparent stable high concentration block silicone oil, that improves the application performance of the product and also reduces the discharge of the organic substances,more environmentally friendly.


4. Multicomponent copolymerization epoxy silicone oil has excellent compatibility with organic amine, it can effectively have homogeneous reactions in a small amount of solvent or without solvent .   The reaction is more complete and thorough, thus ensuring the quality of the finished product to be more stable.

5. Customers can select the organic amine by themselves or use our company’s compound organic amine. Polyether amines, ethylenediamine, Diethylenetriamine, monoethanolamine, hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine and other organic amines are can be used for block polymerization, the selection of organic amines is wider and can be synthesized block silicone oil with different style and effect.

6. Users also have much choices in the solvent. Besides the commonly used isopropanol and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether,

it is also possible to choose more odourless and environmentally friendly alcohols, such as Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether, dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether, triethylene glycol monobutyl ether etc.

7. The manufacturer can produce all kinds of hand feelings of block silicone oil with different morecular weight multicomponent copolymerization silicone oil. For example, it can be used to produce 50%-95% concentration block silicone oil.

8. The quaternary ammonium modification product has better hydrophilicity and stability that common quaternary ammonium salt modified silicone oil.

9. It can be used in many other fields besides the text auxiliary. For example, used in water soluble expoxy resin to improve the flexibility of the resin and reduce the interior stress.

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