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Silicone Defoamer As A New Type Of Defoamer

Aug 07, 2017

  Silicone defoamer as a new type of defoamer, silicone defoamer has excellent overall performance, can be applied to the paper industry in each process, not only defoaming efficiency is high, and the bubble suppression effect is better, Silicone defoamer But the cost is high. The same time as

  Silicone defoamer can be combined with fatty acid amide, polyether and other surfactants with better defoaming activity to form a composite defoamer, Silicone defoamer which can improve the silicone foam defoamer capacity, but also Reduce the cost of the product. The same time as

  The new type of highly effective defoamer is a kind of emulsifier, Silicone defoamer stabilizer and other components which have the advantages of strong anti-foaming ability and high hydrophobicity, quick dispersion of dimethyl silicone oil as the main component and organic combination of silicone oil and polyether Of the defoamer. The same time as

  The new type of highly effective defoamer has the characteristics of low surface tension, low antifoaming time, low foaming time, low cost, low dosage and wide application range. Silicone defoamer The silicone is modified with polyether to make two kinds of defoamers Advantages and become a good performance, a wide range of prospects of the defoamer.