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Silicone Defoamer Defoaming Effect Is Very Good

Aug 07, 2017

  Silicone defoamer defoaming effect is very good, favored by the majority of customers, we here to tell you about the five categories of silicone defoamers:

  1, water emulsion type defoamer: polydimethylsiloxane (silicone) as the main body, and silica composite, in the surfactant (emulsifier) under the action of O / W type prepared Different concentrations of water emulsion defoaming (suitable for water-based media defoaming) or made of high concentration of silicon paste, with the use of smear or temporary dilution after use.

  2, the oil system defoamer: oil system defoamer: with solvent carrying silicone oil and dispersed into the gun liquid. Solvent diffusion, silicone oil or droplets to play defoaming (generally high, low viscosity silicone oil blending) or made of silicone oil / mineral oil dispersion. Crude oil deodorization: crude oil occupies a certain proportion of W / O emulsion in the form of, Silicone defoamer do not remove most of the water, the oil can not be processed, the oil industry requires a large number of silicone surfactants for demulsifier use. This was a white solid with a 1% aqueous solution with a surface tension of 20.6 mN / m

  3, solid powder defoamer: solid powder defoamer: Silicone defoamer containing 2% ~ 5% of the content of silicone defoaming components and mass fraction of 98% to 50% of the powdery solid carrier.

  4, defoaming stick: defoaming stick: silicone oil, Silicone defoamer sodium sulfonate and wax formulations.

  5, self-emulsifying self-dispersing defoamer: self-emulsifying self-dispersing defoamer: type defoamer Silicone surfactant with polysiloxane copolymerized with polyether, introduced in the molecular chain of polysiloxane Water-based, can significantly improve the dispersion of silicone in water, or become self-emulsified, as a class of special defoamers, defoaming above the cloud point, suitable for high temperature and high pressure jet dyeing and other defoaming. "Self-emulsifying" defoamer heat-resistant, Silicone defoamer mechanical stability, acid, alkali, under the conditions of defoaming, such as polyester fiber high temperature dyeing, diethanolamine aqueous solution desulfurization system, a variety of oil cutting fluid, Defoaming.